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Very good my dear friend!! I want to thank you from all my heart for you kindness , time , help and just thank you for proving there are nice people in the world!!

Thanks for all your help! Ilan.

I want to say thanks a lot for your help. It was soon and exact.

I am working in my site and it is not still launched . When I do it I want to put a link in it. Thanks again you have a nice and easy understand code.


Hello my name is Jimmy!

I come frome sweden and found your site trough google. I would just like to say that you'r scripts are awsome! Thought you wanted to hear that. Anyway, thank you for the scripts and good luck with new scripts!


Thanks again for the very kool code!


Hi! First of all thank you for providing this very easy to set up script.

Regards - Oliver

In the front of you is new Phoenix PHP site. New site, new name, new design...

On this site I will start to rebuild all my free scripts from with new design, features, etc.


Update and upload one more script - Hercules - image, banner rotator and open one more section "TOOLS" with one tool for recovering your Dreamweaver FTP passwords


Update and upload one more script - Multi Download Counter


Updated Butterfly - online visitors counter for more recent PHP


On beginning I would like to present a two updated ajax/php scripts. First is image gallery and second is visitor online counter.

Hope you will like it. Enjoy!

One-page Gallery

One-page Gallery 9.0 is powered by ajax/php and shows your images with a JPG (JPEG), GIF or PNG extension. One-page Gallery need only one page on your site, do all stuff dynamically in fly without data bases or thumbs.

See example and read installation guide here...

Butterfly - online visitors counter

Butterfly 9.0 is powered by ajax/php and shows online visitors on your site. It is dynamic - check, change and shows online visitors in dependence of time preset in custom.php.

See example in first left box and read installation guide here...

Multi Download Counter

Multi download counter is PHP script for counting different downloaded items. This new version is faster, more secure for errors and can show total number of downloads.

See example in first left box and read installation guide here...

HERCULES - image, banner rotator

Hercules - image, banner rotator is a PHP script, which rotates your images/banners with a JPG (JPEG), GIF, or PNG extension from any location.

See example in first left box and read installation guide here...

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