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Very good my dear friend!! I want to thank you from all my heart for you kindness , time , help and just thank you for proving there are nice people in the world!!

Thanks for all your help! Ilan.

I want to say thanks a lot for your help. It was soon and exact.

I am working in my site and it is not still launched . When I do it I want to put a link in it. Thanks again you have a nice and easy understand code.


Hello my name is Jimmy!

I come frome sweden and found your site trough google. I would just like to say that you'r scripts are awsome! Thought you wanted to hear that. Anyway, thank you for the scripts and good luck with new scripts!


Thanks again for the very kool code!


Hi! First of all thank you for providing this very easy to set up script.

Regards - Oliver

Recover your Dreamweaver FTP passwords

Can you remember all your usernames and passwords? I can't. This tool is result of my short memories.

For recovering your Dreamweaver password you need to follow few steps:
1. Open Dreamweaver and "Manage Sites..."
2. Chose "Export" option
3. Chose "Back up my settings"
4. Save .ste file
5. Open saved .ste file with Notepad or some other text editor
6. Find "remoteinfo" and "pw"
7. Copy/paste "pw" in input field and press Submit button

NOTE: This tool is for now tested only for Dereamweaver MX and maybe you will not get expected results. But I think you will ;)

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